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  1. This is EXACTLY the format I have been looking for – and it’s so pretty! So perfect for my love of making lists combined with being a Google calendar girl.

  2. Hey Whitney! I first meet you and your planner in a sweet little town by the lake several years back; I loved you both, especially since I’m a planner girl. I’m so excited about this new line, I myself am more of a list maker. I can’t wait to order one and get started using it. Good luck to you and your adorable family! Sincerely, Shannon Matthews

  3. I’m retired and mostly use notes with a tiny calendar in the front pocket. The notes are for my crochet projects, where the pattern is located, a list of yarn in my “stash” , list of work in progress, and lists of what was made, who it went to, ect. I’m not sure if a “planner” would help.

  4. So so glad I bought the blue and white mid year planner. Absolutely love the pattern and how the design and planner layout. Hope you have another next year with blue and white floral. Thank You!!

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