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  1. Love love love this entire post. Every word, Whitney. I think I recall you are headed to MTH in October and if this is true, I sure am excited to meet you. And hug you.

  2. Thank you for sharing Whitney. I’ve been struggling to define my goals of late. I think because for some reason, I feel like defining them somehow limits them and I want to do everything ;o) As a new mom, it’s definitely a transition to figure out how to fit in all your goals. Love the article though. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. You have made me think and think a lot. This words are being sown in my heart at this very moment. I always tell my husband that I want my business to represent me, but to also show God in me. That through my business I can have a reach out to other women (or men) & by testimony be able present them to my Lord. Another thing that came to my mind while reading your post was that I always tell my oldest daughter that she is the better version of me, but I had never thought about it with my business. This is such an “aha” moment. You rock! Whitney, you are an amazing person & I can’t wait to meet you in person someday! I’m just starting with this new handbag business & love it, but, also have tried other projects that weren’t what I had envisioned. Not a total waist of time, but, some tears have been shed.

  4. I am SO happy to hear you are writing a book. As I go through your blog, I keep thinking, “Whitney should write a book!” Please keep us updated (and I’d love to be a part of a book launch team if you do decide to have one- there are so many creatives I know who would benefit from your message, your story, your insight.) Thanks for this great most- Authentic is messy. Messy is o.k. It’s often the messes that start us on the journey to the beautiful- at least that is what I’m discovering. Keep writing and wrestling Whitney 🙂

  5. THANKS!
    This resonated with me, too! When you’re younger, the world is bright and you know that you can do anything. But, somewhere in time, things get skewed and you sort of lose your path! I think it happens to everyone. The hardest part is recognizing it and trying to get back on the right path! I appreciate it!
    Have a great week –

  6. Whitney, you just speak straight to my heart 🙂 I’m at the tail end of some big-for-me changes in my life and am really trying to take this time to search for all of the above and truly identify my passions and VALUES to make the next big steps. It’s refreshing to be connected to someone who really believes passionately about this journey and for someone who thinks big! Thank you so much for all that you share. I know I haven’t told you enough, but you truly inspire me every time I come across a post or instagram or tweet where you share a moment or story and the lessons you’ve learned and are learning. Thank you Whitney!

  7. This was so inspiring, authentic and beautifully written. It’s the creatives like you who remind me to just keep swimming even when it feels like I am just treading water.

  8. Waking up extra early this morning (not by choice) gave me the opportunity to read this thought-provoking post of your Whitney. Thank you for publishing it. I am feeling a shift coming on in my own business and have more clarity as to my WHY. Thank you for sharing so openly and candidly. Xx

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