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  1. Love your article! As I think back to when my three were young, I remember how hectic and frustrating is was to have three in diapers at the same time, how overwhelming a day could become…and if I could tell myself anything back then, I would say… “The days fly by, take a deep breath, look around at the blessings, be thankful for what I have, let the dishes sit in the sink and sit on the floor and play with the babies!”

  2. Thank you. I feel better about putting on the dreadful Yo Gaba Gaba for the littlest one so I could enjoy my coffee and a minute of the news on my “day off”. Having your own business is exausting & rewarding however social media can cut you to the core when others successes come on your most hectic day. Thanks Again!!

  3. This is so, so great, Whitney. Poignant, encouraging, and well written. I think that vulnerability will really transform this community if we let it. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there!

  4. Oh Whitney – this is EXACTLY what I needed to read right now. As I type I’m looking over a mountain of paper on my desk, I have a kitchen that needs cleaning, I have 2 full laundry baskets and I have half a photoshoot sitting on my dining table which I’m going to have to clean away as it’s thunderstorming outside and I won’t be able to shoot again until Monday…plus I have my son’s birthday cake to make, and a million new products to upload to our website. ARGH!!! So good to read this, sometimes I forget that every mum is in the same boat and feel so guilty, thank you for this post! Much love xx

  5. AMEN! I love this! This is my first visit to your blog (found it through somebody’s tweet :)) and I just love your perspective on this issue. People ask each other, “How do you do it all” all the time and I agree, it needs to stop. I’m totally on board with the whole, “Help each other out” idea! Thanks for this today!

  6. I think this is probably the best blog I have ever read – You wrote start to my heart and brain! While I don’t have three underfoot only one (with 2 on the way) I am guilty of asking this of other Moms. Now I will revise my conversation to “give me your best tip and I’ll give you mine (now I have to figure out what that is though 🙂 ).

    Thank you and good luck with emptying the dishwasher!

  7. Wonderful post! I’ve referred to it as Super Woman syndrome. I’ve always said, hey, I just fight the fires with the biggest flames and keep spinnin’ the plates!!! I’ve broken a few plates, I’ve gotten burned a couple times– and often, I feel like a big dummy, but it’s all a part of the process of growing. Such a good conversation, Whitney. Love ya!

  8. So so good. Preach it. This seriously had me laughing and then crying. Feeling like you have to do it ALL is a lie. Something has to give. Thanks for the incredible reminder today that others aren’t doing it all either. Look forward to seeing how other mom’s do their awesome.

  9. Yessssssss! I totally agree. I use to envy bloggers w/ children who always look so seamlessly put together. Not to mention their homes, their homes are what dreams are made of. But then I realized that just because someone looks put together in one aspect of their life, doesn’t mean they have it ALL figured out. They just showcase the part of their life that they do!

  10. This inspired me to blog about my own struggle with “doing it all”. Thanks for writing and inspiring that. And again, you’re awesome. (PS: I’m so impressed that you were able to do anything with the dishwasher OPEN. Any time that thing opens in our house, a 15 month old is trying desperately to climb inside. :))

  11. Amen, Whitney! It’s so encouraging to hear that someone else’s life looks just like mine! 🙂 Between the wrestling, yelling and cold hot dogs, it’s so hard to accomplish much most days. However, I can already see those precious moments with my 3 boys sneaking by as they get older. Soon there won’t be cold hot dogs and yelling and wrestling and we will have all the time in the world. At that point, I am sure we will wish ALL the noise and chaos to return to our quiet little check-mark producing lives. {sniff! sniff!} 🙂 xo

  12. I love everything about this and whole-heartedly accept the challenge! It is so easy to focus on those highlight reels and forget the reality! I love your description of your attempt to write a post. I can only work standing with my laptop on the high counter. It’s the only place my Lillie can’t get to it! If I try to sit, she just climbs up and wants to “help.” Never a dull moment! Thanks for encouraging us all!

  13. I don’t even have kids; not even married and thinking about kids, but I thought this post was fantastic! It helps give us gals without kids a little perspective on all the hard working momma’s out there. Very well written. I’m still waiting on that award winning book of yours! xoxo

  14. I can’t imagine adding another ball to juggle. Right now, I’m good at ‘doing it all’ but ‘all’ is myself, work, my small apartment, my boyfriend and my low maintenance dog. And blog I suppose. Throw kids in there? A career with longer hours? I don’t know what I’d do with myself. It’s already on a precarious balancing beam that cannot be upset!
    (I think I’ll casually throw in here – thank goodness for my day designer!)

  15. Love how you write always so spot on.I was just having a convo with my hubby yesterday how I feel mediocre at everything right now..motherhood, wifey, house keeper, biz owner…you name it I am feeling pretty much life a half “butter” at it. You know your right I sure can not do it “all” I dont know how to do it all!! Including being mom of the year! So off to a more positive out look at my “ALL”
    XOXO-love ya

  16. Whitney,
    I think of some of the great women of our time and my Mother included. Raising a family, parenting, loving, giving can be so rewarding if we allow ourselves to make mistakes or room for laughter. It’s true with all the media around, we are sort of brainwashed that we have to do it all and have it all. It’s pretty simple to remind other women to slow down, enjoy time in your day, find joy in the simple things.

  17. Thank you so much for writing this – I really needed to read it. I only have one child who, thankfully is now old enough to dress, wash and feed herself – but who needs ‘more’ from me on an emotional level as she discovers that life is not 100% sweet and magical. Coming home from my job, exhausted after fighting all the silly battles that each day brings, I will admit that there area times when I would much rather just hide – but cuddles are free and I’ve come to realise that they help me as much as they help her. So my top tip: even if the house is a tip, the dishes haven’t been done for days, you haven’t blogged or created anything of significance for days? Ignore it for a small moment, and just give yourself 100% over to your child, even if its only for 20 minutes. You’ll feel better and stronger for it, and more able to deal with the ‘everyday minutiae’. It’s taken a long time (and lots of therapy) to realise that I can’t do it all and that I shouldn’t keep trying, because it will destroy me. So I do what I can, I make mistakes (and own up to them) and I accept that it can’t all get done..

  18. LOVE your article! I have had that facade up for 42 years of marriage. I had not really noticed it until my fibromyalgia has gotten bad enough that I have had to stop multi-tasking. I have 10 grandchildren, I have a Scout job that is very stressful and time consuming. I have been the bookkeeper for our family business and have kept my home together. Thank you for acknowledging that we are all wonderful! And we are all overly stressed out! I am going to try to take more ME time and do some of the things that I want to do. Like digital scrapbooking! I want to remember the fun times and the cute changes in each of my children’s and grandchildren’s faces as they grow and learn. I want to spend time enjoying my husband instead of suddently remembering that the laundry needs my attention. I noticed this week how very gray his hair has gotten in just the last few months and am shocked to realize that he is nearly 72! Where has the time gone? I am going to spend this next week looking for ways to cut back on the work load and enjoy my most precious blessings… MY FAMILY! Thanks for the article!

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