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  1. Agreed! Except, I think what you’re describing could be more accurately described as “compliant” rather than “smart.” I know many passionate women who are also insanely smart,, women who are able to execute ideas in a disciplined way and who use their intelligence to further their creative passions in a way that gets results. I don’t think we need to draw a line in the sand between those two qualities. I totally get what you’re saying, but something in me cringes at teaching women and girls that they are either one or the other.

  2. I’ve just found you thanks to Courtney who I’ve been following for a while. The things that you’ve said here so resonate with me, particularly over a tricky work situation I’m dealing with – my boss is smart and I’m the passionate one! Thank you for making it simpler, now instead of going head to head with her, I’ll just accept she’s smart – and missing out on life!

  3. I think sometimes too smart people are afraid of and sometimes threatened by passionate people simply because they don’t understand that level of emotion and commitment that comes with passion.

    1. Thank you, Jeff! Really appreciated your great advice the other day, and I really appreciate how you authentically lead your tribe! Thank you for being such a giver!

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