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  1. I have a hard time with this, since I no longer have anyone to leave anything to. No progeny that would be interested in my legacy. I am constantly doing concrete things to make life more beautiful and trying to get through my lists of items to be checked off. Usually the items on the list, once completed, will make something more beautiful – decorating, flower arrangements, gardening and yard work, coloring books, painting rooms and furniture, sending letters and cards, etc etc. But I do have stacks of pictures that I wanted to put into books for my descendents. Since there now are none, the stacks sit there.
    My goal is to have my own blog and which keeps getting put on the back burner, because everything/everyone else comes first. I am still in hopes that one day, my words will help someone. I love to write. Could that be my legacy with friends and family and followers? There will no longer be children and grandchildren. I forge ahead.

    1. Oh my gosh, Gray. Your words really touched me and made alot of things click in my head. You’re a great writer and I would love to read your blog if you decided to express your creativity in that way. Through reading Whitney and your post, I have come to realize I need to get back to Journaling. Thank you for inspiring me. 🙏

  2. Whitney, thank you for writing this. As a history major, I too think of legacies and cycles in history. The times in which we currently live can sometimes feel like the Dark Ages. I believe, though, that we have the ability to change that. I’m not sure exactly how, but the divisiveness in our world is where I think we should start. Pitting against each other over matters of politics, religion, race, gender, vaccinations, and even things as ridiculous as Instagram comments is destroying us. We have all got to cool it with the cancel culture. We need to step away from our screens, and actually look people in the face, get to know their hearts and minds, and open ourselves up to understanding who they are before lashing out on a keyboard. Your post has sparked some thought on my part on how I can do better.

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