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  1. Feeling so inspired by this post. Thank you for sharing! I too feel the struggle is what makes every success a rewarding gift. Would love to collaborate with such a creative individual! Check out my blog and lets talk!



  2. Thanks Whitney! Love this nugget of trut today. . On the topic of struggling… A quote has been on my mind all week: ” Sometimes God redeems us from our struggles and sometimes he redeems us through them.” Either way I think it’s pretty amazing that we’re redeemed.
    All the Best, K

  3. I love this, “sometimes you’re just cutting the rope that’s tied to the stone that’s making you sink”. What a light-bulb moment! It’s not a matter of failing, necessarily, just cutting the dead weight – realizing it’s ok to walk away, redirect your attention and face what’s not working so you can realize what will. Awesome!

  4. Love this post Whitney! I too am reading Daring Greatly. There is something freeing or liberating about putting yourself out there and being ‘vulnerable’ although I think I use that term loosely as I just begin to skim the surface…

    I look forward to following you!

    Your ‘recovering’ Victim,

  5. “The struggle is part of the story!” I got that lovely quote from your blog and have being trying to live it ever since! I have posted it every where possible to be sure I see it every day! It is reassuring to know you are not alone in the “struggle!”

  6. Love this post. I’ve have really embraced the “the struggle is part of the story” phrase in the past few months! It’s okay not to paint a pretty picture to where we are going. It’s after we see “failing” is beautiful and a humble experience.

  7. Whitney, what a great honest and sincere post. Thank you. I too struggle…some days the Viking and some days I am afraid to admit, the Victim. I love “sometimes you’re just cutting the rope that’s tied to the stone that’s making you sink”…that is such a great truth. It’s been a long year of change and growth for me personally and in my business. And I have accomplished so many amazing things but in all of the success, I still feel lost and like I am chasing my tail. There always seems to be another bright and shiny object that might be the answer I am looking for…I vowed to be my authentic self this year and am really working on that but still cant seem to find that place where I feel most like me…I think I am too busy doing what I think I should be doing instead of what I really would like to be doing. Does that make any sense at all? lol. I would love to attend your Authenticate Workshop, it sounds wonderful 🙂 Thanks for a great post!

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