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  1. Love your honesty and your real-ness. It’s what drew me to you in the first place. You challenge me to grow deeper and strive for a rich business that would truly help others- not just myself. As a writer friend has told me many times, “Keep making a difference.” You really are making a difference in lives Whitney.

  2. I read this once before, but this time it spoke to me in a very different way. You studied internet marketing? That seems Greek to me. Your entire brand and work seems effortless to me. I know you put a lot of work into making your business beautiful and thriving, but to hear you say you’ve learned internet marketing makes what you say that more real to me. You can teach by experience.

    One of the things I’m suffering with is staying focused. My problem is the lack of money. I have soooo many ideas and I will start them, but I don’t finish them. I find myself starting something then stopping because I think something else will make me the money I need quicker. And now I’m a nervous wreck because I’m stagnate {and now I’m sick so nothing is getting done}.

    God has blessed me to have someone in my life who knows my financial situation so they have chosen to invest in me to help me, and to get a portion of what I will make once my business starts making money. The reason I’m so honest with you about this is because I would like an honest and authentic answer. Is there a book I can read or something that can help me. I want to give up sometimes, but I’ve invested way too much in myself and my children are watching. They see the hard work and late hours that I’ve given to teaching myself and now trying to implement my plans, so I have to do it. I do not want them to see me give up. Sometimes I’ve had to tweak things, but give up… I just can’t.

    I would really like some words of encouragement or something that I can grab on to to stay focused, because right now I’m empty.

    Thank you again.


  3. This post struck me. You put into words what I have been thinking about a lot lately. I too get weird vibes from these types of internet marketers that seem to prey on the scarcity mentality. So much so that I am actively avoiding anything like that in my own business and the people I am surrounded by virtually. The way you put this was perfect. I admire your candidness – it’s so much more inspiring than claiming to know the “secret”.

    Oh – and I love your work!

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