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  1. Thats why most people place their goals into short and long term goals. I know some people get carried away and want too much to soon and that’s why they give up. Say for example someone wants to lose 2 stone they normally want to lose it in a month or something!! Slow is the best way to go…..

    I knew someone who wrote a book in to a year simply by writing for half an hour every morning.

    1. This is SO great! Everyone has 30 minutes a day. And I love how small things can add up to huge results. Now – if only I could remember that about eating healthy!

  2. Rebecca,

    Your posts are so refreshing to read. I am still thinking about your taxes – yoga pants analogy from your last blog that Whitney shared here. You have a very natural “voice” for writing and look forward to your future blogs and book. 🙂

  3. Failure insurance! Yes, that is it exactly. I’ve done this for a loooong time, especially when talking to other people about my big dreams and goals. But I continually remind myself that what other people think is ZERO business of mine, and that I should stop qualifying everything just for the sake of sidestepping theoretical judgements!

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