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  1. This post really spoke to me, Whitney!! I truly love making connections with people, it’s one of my favorite things about social media. But sometimes it does feel overwhelming. I’ve recently committed to only getting on Instagram when my kids are asleep, either napping or after bedtime. It’s been freeing, honestly. Thanks for this post!! My blog is if you’d ever like to check it out. It’s my love letter to my family 🙂 Also, if you’re ever in Memphis again, I’d love to meet you, I’m hoping to stop by and meet Natalie soon! Have a great weekend! Xoxo, Cameron

  2. Wonderful blog post!!! I can relate so much to everything you said. I have been thinking of how I am always wanting more and I realize that I’m no happier with more and even feel guilty when I keep adding to my collection of “stuff”. You are a real inspiration. I would love for you to add my blog to your list.

  3. Great post! I have been thinking about this a lot as well! Making connection is really what matters! Keep up with me my love! 😉

  4. Whitney, this was such a good post! I have been learning the same thing. Less is more! I have not always been that way either, but I think my faith & my age has made me realize the things that are of real value. It brings to mind a verse in John 3:30 He must increase, I must decrease. The more Christ increases in my heart the less value I place on the things that are fading away. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts. I tend to neglect my blog sometimes, because of my busy schedule. However, You are welcome to hop over and visit!
    Xoxo-Carmen b.

  5. I relate to this post so much!
    As for online connections you have a point, it makes sense…when I first started blogging I had some great connections and met many like minded bloggers but after some crash and burn it all got too much and overwhelming…I stepped back a little but so did the comments,links and views on my own blog . Its tricky since we want to reach out to many but by wearing ourselves thin its very hard to do.
    …some good points to think about, thanks!

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