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  1. Thank you for your encouraging words as always! I have some failures to face and admit so that I can move forward and make 2014 a success – I’m determined! I get to have coffee with Jennifer this morning – so thankful that StatAcad brought us together. Happy New Year to you! Wishing you a very successful 2014!

  2. LOVE!! It’s so true! How many “no’s” do you go through before you hear a “yes”?? Some say 10…but I think there really isn’t a number that “fits”. It’s how many “no’s” do YOU go through before you hit the big break? It could be 10…it could 15…but it might only be 2! Don’t give up on your dreams! God didn’t put that dream and promise in your heart if he didn’t already lay the plans for you to reach your destination.

  3. Failure and fear were big topics during my coffee with Beth Hart! Man, we did some soul digging and big dreaming today! Thank you, Whitney, for this and for being a catalyst in bringing like-minded people together at Stationery Academy and beyond. Because we have to be able to be willing to admit failures and use them as stepping stones to our next adventure (as Beth put it today).

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