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  1. Loved this post Rebecca!! I hear ya on those pre-pregnancy pants. Tight.
    I’ve been realizing that I don’t include God in those types of decisions for my business most times either! Now that I know I’m prone to that I am working on being more mindful to include Him in every decision, big or small!

  2. i love the honesty and truthfulness of this post. I am sorry this quarter is yucky but God is so proud of the business you have created and I am so thankful to know you. Praying for blesses business and getting back into those prepregnancy jeans comfortably.

  3. yes girl!!! I had a state sales tax debacle last year and it really nearly killed me!! I just try to set some $$ aside in a tax account so I don’t even remember I have it… then it doesn’t hurt quite so bad. I have also been considering tithing on profit, do you do that??? Thank you for this!!

    1. What a great idea to set an account just for taxes. That way you can’t even see it!

      And tithing on profit would definitely be a decision to pray about and ask the Lord what He thinks! But I think it’s a good idea! (And it would be tax deductible!)

  4. Rebecca, thank you for writing with such honesty & authenticity! Love reading your email newsletters, & this blog post was just fantastic. Thank you for being willing to share hard won wisdom, & encouraging others to walk closely with Him.
    xx – Stefanie

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