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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you described the reset button. A great visual I will now use. So thankful we have a God that has forgiven us.
    Take care and also have a beautiful day!

  2. Whitney,

    Wow, this was just what I needed to hear today. Such truth in such a lovely simple form. I’m hitting the Forgiveness reset button and moving on with my day. Thank you for the delight post which changed my thinking today.

  3. Whitney, you always put things in such a beautiful perspective. I love your revelations, reflections and thoughts on life! I, too, will be using the Forgiveness Reset button! Thank you! XO!

  4. Thank you Whitney. I saw this post drop into my inbox last week and I made a mental note of “getting to it.” During the week, I’ve been in a whirlwind and part of my angst has been doing exactly that- rehashing the grievances of someone towards me. I finally got to reading your words this morning- how timely! What a waste of emotion to rehash grievances especially in light of God’s forgiveness that covers me. Thank you. Resetting the button 🙂

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